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Are wetsuits really necessary -yes --another valuable race tool

Ever since their introduction into triathlon & onto multisport events they have been constantly evolving into a necessary piece of race equipment. The perceived resistance is often more about getting them off than what the actual benefits are.

A few tips when preparing to put on ,is all it takes plus a correct fitting suit (for size or your type of stroke )  --and then enjoy your  swims after you have swum 3 -4 times in your new wetsuit ...just as you would treat a new bike or new runners..."by swimming it in" 

Out top 8 tips:

1. Speed increase via better body position & sliding motion from the neoprene in the water , so reducing drag resistance & thus a faster time or even PB.

2. The longer the event-the more energy saving in your every swim stroke .With any weather safety issues ahead - an event organiser may often make  wetsuits compulsory in an open water swim . 

3. Warmth for body pre-bike or other -especially on any cold /windy  race day 

4. Sleeveless suit options available for those with big shoulders or a very wide swinging type of stroke .

5. Sometimes get bit of anxiety /claustrophobic with a suit  ?? -then choose one with chest expansion ribbing design ,or even go sleeveless to assist this .

6. Just coat inside of your wetsuit ankle and wrists area with one of the anti chaff products ( Glide or 2Toms ) .This gives you a faster release (T1) as well as a less stressful wrestle when putting the suit on pre event. 

7. Use a vice grab with your fingers on the neoprene to prevent those  fingernail tears---or better still--use gloves .

8  Rinse out afterwards in Cold Water- allow to dry in the shade (not direct sun) and X fold arms/legs to store .( if hanging -only use a proper supplied hanger as normal ones can create "out of shape stretching" on  shoulder points )