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ANTI CHAFF - 2 Toms Sports Shield (FOR HER )   Roll-On

ANTI CHAFF - 2 Toms Sports Shield (FOR HER ) Roll-On

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In a handy 45ml roll on "no mess" dispenser 

Contains moisturizer. 

Have one in your training & race bags. 

Use on the neck areas, armpits or anywhere that hot spots/chaff occurs.

With a high silicone input this is a waterproof stay on product 

Anti -bacterial properties

Contains no animals products. 

Ingredients - Dimethicone.Aloe Vera Extract ,Vitamin E, Sportshield Liquid .

To remove just use warm soapy water 

TIP : Can even be used on inside wrist & ankle cuffs of wetsuit for a quicker and less frustrating T1 transition .Also for Gym and other heat build activities